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China Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee

Founded in 1992,Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee China Plastics Processing Industry Association(FPSCPPIA) is subordinate to China Plastics Processing Industry Association. FPSCPPIA is an economic and social society which is composed of factories,enterprises,institutes and universities involved in plastics. Now,FPSCPPIA has over 130 membership units, representing the highest level of domestic fluoroplastic processing industry.
Functions And Tasks
 1. Studying the developing trends of the industry,reflecting ideas or requests from the memberships,assisting in planning of developing strategy, guiding the development of the industry.
  2. Coordinating the relationship inside and outside of the industry,taking part in formulating industrial standards,organizing international and domestic technical seminars .
  3. Editing and publishing industrial journals, maintenancing and updateing the Subcommittee’s own web frequently. Investigating the situation and gathering the data of fluoroplastic industry.
  4. Affording technological consultation and market survey of fluoroplastics for domestic or foreign relational enterprises.
  5. Widely Launching economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign fluoroplastics industry. Organizing and participating in domestic or foreign exhibitions. Promoting to exchange visits between domestic and foreign fluoroplastics enterprises.