Meeting And Events

2017 China International Forum on Development of Fluoroplastics Processing Holding in Hefei


2017 China International Forum on Development of Fluoroplastics Processing was held by Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee China Plastics Processing Industry Association on November 8-9, 2017 in Hefei. The scale of the conference was grand. It attracted experts, scholars and some senior professors from all over the country who are engaged in fluoroplastics R & D, production, processing and application. It also attracted representatives of leading enterprises from America, Italy, Japan and other foreign countries. The number of participants was up to 300.



Opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Chen Sheng, who is the secretary general of Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee China Plastics Association. First of all, Zhuang Su—Director-general of Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee China Plastics Association made a welcome speech. 


Zhu Wenwei—Executive vice-director general of China Plastics Processing Industry Association made a speech for the opening ceremony.


The forum received strong support from the China Semiconductor Industry Association. It was fortunate to invite vice-director general Chen Xian to attend the meeting and make a speech at the opening ceremony. Director Chen introduced the development status quo of the semiconductor industry in China and carried out the development of the industry in the future.


The forum also received great attention from the Anhui provincial government and local associations. Director Cui Yiqun of Investment Transformation Department of Economic and Credit Committee of Anhui Province made a speech at the opening ceremony.


The theme of the forum is "China Fluoroplastics 2025". 23 keynote speeches have been arranged, covering a wide range of topics including chemical, sealing, environmental protection, power, photovoltaic, automotive and low temperature waste heat recovery and so on.
At first, Wang Jianzhong, Honorary director general of Fluoroplastic Processing Committee of China Plastics Industry Association made a report titled “Implement increasing varieties, improving quality, creating brand’strategy, Promote the construction of fluoroplastic industry ".


Secretary-General Chen Sheng made a report entitled "2025 Prospect for China fluoroplastics development and demand analysis ", which introduced the status quo of China's fluorine plastic processing industry and analysised the new trends of the industry. She also gave prospects for the development and demand of 2025 China fluoroplastics industry.


Mr. John Tippett, President of TCI, brought a report titled " New Trends of Fluoroplastic Films in United States of America ".He highlighted the applications of fluoroplastics films in various fields in the United States and analyzed the new trends in the future development of fluoroplastics films.


Mr. Fabio Saladini, General Manager of Fluorseals in Italy, shared with delegates the report entitled " Fluoropolymers in Europe: Market overview and implication in industrial processes ".


Ren Zhenchuan, Director of Information Department of China Semiconductor Industry Association, gave a report entitled " Prospect for China semiconductor market ", introduced the development status of global and China's semiconductor market, and looked forward to the future development of China's semiconductor market.


Shen Yandao, Technical support and application development manager for Chemours Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., presented a report titled "Solutions for stringent industrial conditions—Chemours high performance fluoroplastic".


Huang Guodian, Chairman of Guangzhou Jingbang Hydraulic Sealing Technology Co., Ltd., made a speech titled "Enterprise informatization and digitization management ", introduced the enterprise information management, analyzed the benefits brought by ERP to the enterprise, and talked about how the digital factory solved problems and its benefits.


Yu Wengen, Chairman of Zhejiang JiaRi Fluoroplastic Co., Ltd., shared a report named " Fluoroplastics products enterprises transforming and upgrading ". He described the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise and shared the successful transformation of the business practices and experiences by the specific products and examples.


Mao huidong, General Manager of Shanghai Jinyou Fluoring Material Co., Ltd., gave a speech titled " Application of PTFE heat exchanger in energy saving and environmental protection"


Ren Yingjie, from Daikin Fluorine Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. made a report named "New fluoroplastics promote industry environmental upgrade ", this report introduced the application of new products in the field of environmental protection.


Wu Yimin, Vice General Manager of Zhejiang CPS Cathay Packing & Sealing Co., Ltd., released a report titled "Development trend of sealing technology under regulation of VOCs volatilization control", and introduced the hazard of emission of VOCs, emission reduction regulations and the sealing requirements and certification of VOCs escape.


Zhao Yangmao, Minister of Semiconductor Electrification Department from Shangpin Industrial fluorine plastics (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.,described the application of PTFE products in the semiconductor industry.


Chen Yue, Chief engineer of Shandong Dongyue Polymer Material Co., Ltd., introduced the application and research status of PTFE in fluoroplastic heat exchanger, and mainly discussed the application research of PTFE heat exchanger in different fields.


Du Yanhua, office director of Shandong Huaxia Shenzhou New Materials Co., Ltd., mainly explained the application and research progress of fluoropolymers in the field of functional films.


Chu Shaoqing, General Manager of Nantong HaiLite Rubber&Plastics Machine Co., Ltd. introduced the developments of PTFE granular resin molding equipment.


Jin Yu, Vice General Manager of NanJing CompTECH Composites Co., Ltd., made a report entitled" Development and application of PTFE special materials ", introduced the development of PTFE specialty materials and production processes, and described the advantages of special PTFE products in various fields of application.


Dr. Hao Xinmin from the Military Equipment Institute brought a report titled " Research on PTFE microporous membrane and its protecting application ", which gave a brief account of the principle of PTFE filming, and detailedly explained the research and application of the PTFE microporous membrane and the PTFE membrane split fiber.


Shen Hui, Vice director of Technique Center of Shanghai Valqua Fluorocarbon Products Co., Ltd. told about the application of lining sheet in semiconductor industry


Zhao Tingting, Research Manager of NIFLON LABORATORIES(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD., explained the applied research of extrusion fluoride film in various fields.


Gu Fangming, General Manager of Hangzhou Foremost Material Technology Co., Ltd., shared a report titled " Recycling of polymer materials in photovoltaic modules".


Du Tianmin, General Manager of Hebei YuanZheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
elaborated on the experimental study of fluorine plastic heat exchanger, and specifically introduced the case of engineering practice.


Liu Mingjie, General Manager of Liaoning Huari High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., described the difficulties of large-scale PTFE sealed products’ preparation, production and processing, and introduced the application fields of the products in the market.


Dr. Xin Yuanshi from Fudan University, introduced the new progress of tribological properties of PTFE composites.


During the meeting, NanJing Comp TECH Materials Co., Ltd, The Chemours Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Shandong Dongyue Group Ltd., Nantong HaiLite Rubber&Plastics Machine Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yihao plastic industry Co., Ltd., Jiashan Itaflon Fluoro Technology Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Jinchi Furnace Industry, Yuhuan Wanrun Machine Co., Ltd., Songxian pioneer Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tikem Industrial Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Junhua High Performance Specialty Engineering Plastics Products Co., Ltd. made exhibitions outside the conference hall. They showed their products, communicated and learned with colleagues. It achieved good results. In the end, the Forum ended in a gesture of unfulfilled peace.